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NEW HAVEN -- On Thursday, students and teachers spilled onto the streets of New Haven to participate in a statewide initiative to encourage adults to return to school.

The event is geared towards people who have not received their high school diploma or GED. The grassroots movement is known as ‘No Excuses March for Education’.

“Here in our city of New Haven we have 1 out of 6 adults who don’t have their high school diplomas, and statewide there is 1 out of 10,” says Tahisha Porter, the GED Program Facilitator at the New Haven Adult Education Center.

The New Haven Adult Education Center says the statistics from Connecticut’s Department of Education are alarming, which is why they are the driving force behind this event. The center provides resources to students to help break down barriers that may get in their way as they pursue their education.

“For example if you don’t have transportation we have  free bus passes for you. If you don’t have childcare I’m a mom I know what the difficulties are I know how much it costs  of course so we make sure we have outreach to different services in our community to help you through that,” says Veronica Douglas-Givan, the Family Advocate and Community Resource Coordinator.

Administrators tell FOX 61 they see success stories every year.

“I’ve seen students come through our doors struggling and homeless and no job and they’re graduating from Alberto’s with a masters in human service. We had a student who did that this past May. Just because you took a left then doesn’t mean you can’t go right again. It’s how you start it’s how you end ,” says Tahisha Porter.


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