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Two Simsbury firefighters among victims injured in B-17 crash

We are starting to learn more about those six patients taken to Hartford Hospital.

Two of them were Simsbury firefighters. One is a CT Command Chief Master Sergeant who was identified as James Traficante. Officials said  Traficante was a passenger on the plane at the time who escaped with injuries and is in stable condition.

James Traficante

James Traficante

Chief of Trauma at Hartford Hospital, Dr. Jonathan Gates talked to reporters about how the hospital is set up to deal with an influx of patients all at once due to an incident like the plane crash at Bradley International.

“We see this periodically around Hartford. In those events, we have enough resources at a hospital like this and including our other neighboring hospitals to be able to care for everybody exactly as though they came in individually," Gates said.

"In a situation where you have what we call mass casualty, there are so many patients involved that would outstrip the resources at any one hospital, really in the United States. So, that’s why it's a great idea to have multiple trauma centers within a system, multiple trauma centers within a state, and to be a ready to go level one trauma center at all times, 24 hours a day, because we're in a position to care for patients that come in at any time.”

Officials have set up a call line for families still looking for information on their loved ones brought to Hartford Hospital. That number is 860-972-9166.

If your family member is a victim and was brought to Hartford Hospital, officials say to go to the Taylor Conference Room at the Hartford Hospital Cancer Institute for information.

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