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A veteran flyer of the B-17 shares his story — and video — aboard the plane 

HADDAM — As more details come out about the air tragedy at Bradley International Airport, more details about the B-17 “909’s” storied history are coming out as well.

Few people know more about this particular B-17 than a Higganum resident. Andy Munson has flown in that very plane a half dozen times — last flight on September 9th, alongside his brother.

Munson, a Collings Foundation member, who has video from his last flight aboard the B-17 said, “I took my first flight on 909 in 2008 and I’ve been up and down with the Collings Foundation planes ever since.”

Munson added his thoughts about the seven people who died in the fiery crash saying, “it would’ve been a dream come true flight for them and to have it end like this is the most awful thing I can think of.”

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