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New Haven police warn against phone scam

NEW HAVEN – Police are warning residents about a phone scam that, once again, is making the rounds.

Police said the scams have scared residents into being bilked out of $15,000 thinking they were sending it to a governmental agency.

Police said, “These callers are identifying themselves as being from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They have used tactics such as threatening the loss of assets and that a warrant may exist for their arrest.”

Officials had reminders to keep in mind if you happen to receive a call such as these:

  1. The IRS will NEVER call and demand immediate payment over the phone.
  2. The IRS will NEVER threaten or intimidate you with a warrant, demand payment with a prepaid debit card (Google, eBay or otherwise), or ask for your credit card or debit card number over the phone.
  3. The IRS will NEVER threaten to call the police if you don’t pay.
  4. The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. Recognize the telltale signs of a scam.


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