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VERIFY: Apple Support is not making calls about your iCloud account being breached, beware of scam

Apple doesn’t just call you. If you get a call, hang up!

Author: Rhea Titus via WUSA


Are calls from Apple Support about my iCloud account being breached legit?


No, this is a scam that Apple warns to beware of.


Apple Support


Our Verify team works to squash rumors and get you truth.

Concerned people are taking to Twitter to share about a similar experience they’ve had.

They said they’ve received calls supposedly from Apple Support reporting to them that their iCloud account has been breached. The caller then proceeds to say they’ll need the person’s Apple ID and password.

So is this a legit call from Apple you should be worried about or is it a hoax?

Verify researchers checked with the company for answers.

On the Apple Support page, it warns users about scams and phishing attempts involving suspicious phone calls.

The Apple support team says scammers are spoofing customer support numbers, so the call looks like it’s from Apple, but it’s not. Then the caller pressures you for information or money.

If you get an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Apple, hang up and contact Apple’s support team.

Apple also wants you to remember to NEVER share your Apple ID, password  or temporary verification code. You never have to give these details for customer support.

Keep in mind Apple will not just call you out of the blue.

So we can verify FALSE, Apple is not making calls about iCloud accounts being breached.

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