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Groton standoff suspect in court; has six pending unrelated cases

NEW LONDON / GROTON — A peaceful resolution to a tense situation Friday regarding a suspect standoff in Groton.

A woman with a gun barricaded herself inside the home of her ex until negotiators convinced her to give herself up.

The court said this matter is the latest development in a domestic violence situation. 50-year-old Kristen Anderson was ordered to hand over all firearms and have no contact with a protected person only identified by the initials G.F.

FOX61 was the only station in court as Kristen Anderson was brought in handcuffed Friday.

She was placed on a suicide and mental health watch and charged with criminal trespass, breach of peace, and violating a protective order. They are the latest charges on a lengthy rap sheet that includes burglary, larceny and drug offenses.

“Due to the number of pending matters and the seriousness of the charges the court will set bond in the amount of $250,000,” said the judge.

It was midnight on Morse Ave in Groton when neighbors like Joe Apicelli were shuttered awake.

“I heard some activity outside the window,” he said.

He was evacuated by police who said, “We’d like to transport you to the city municipal building.” Groton Police Chief Michael Spellman said, “We did inconvenience residents in the area but we did it for their safety.”

Police found Anderson alone with a gun, barricaded inside the home of her ex, who she wasn’t supposed to have contact with. SWAT and Connecticut State Police negotiators were called in.

“Pounding on the door. Flashlights and asking Kristen to come out with her hands up,” said Apicelli.

By 6:30 a.m., that’s exactly what happened.

“We were able to peacefully resolve a volatile situation,” said the Chief.

“They talked her out effectively. She came out and they took her into custody,” added another officer.

Shocked neighbors told FOX61 Kristen Anderson was living in the home on and off for at least 14 years.

“Kristen was great. Friendly. Always asking how I was, what’s going on? How’s your cat? How have you been? Personally to me, she is a very polite woman,” said Apicelli.

Jose Torres said, “Everybody is a good person. We all have our lost hopes."

In court, Anderson was falling asleep and had trouble standing and had to sit in a chair. She was already scheduled to appear in court Friday on six other unrelated matters.

She will be back in court for this matter on November 7th.

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