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New Haven drag racing arrests come with warning

NEW HAVEN -- The brakes were slammed on potentially dangerous drag race before it could even get going in New Haven late Saturday night as police made dozens of arrests.

New Haven Police said they made nearly 50 arrests in the parking lot of the McDonald’s, at 225 Foxon Blvd. late Saturday night. Some of the folks arrested were simply there to watch the race.

However, police said if you’re not parked there, because you are buying products from these businesses, you’re trespassing.

Drag racing has becoming an all too familiar danger for three areas of New Haven.

“Foxon Boulevard, as well as Ella Grasso Boulevard and Long Wharf,” said New Haven Police Public Information Officer, Sgt. Shayna Kendall.

Foxon Boulevard, from McDonald’s eastward toward Quinnipiac Avenue, has been a drag strip for years according to the area businesses recent years.

“I just witnessed an accident the other day,” said Greg Moore, Who works for Foxon Lube and Tire. “Two cars ran right into each other, sideswiped each other. One ran to the left and one ran to the right.”

Across the street from the McDonald’s is the Days Inn, which is impacted by the racing every weekend. In addition to regularly refunding customers, as a result of noise complaints, the hotel receives many poor online reviews because of this loud, dangerous drag racing occurring right out in front of the hotel.

“We need something to be taken care of by the City of New Haven,” said Jay Patel, owner of the Days Inn. “And as a matter of fact I complained to the Mayor Toni Harp.”

Consistent business complaints got the attention of police, who staked out Foxon Boulevard Saturday night.

“Officers managed to make 47 adult arrests, one juvenile arrest and and tow 10 vehicles,” said Sgt. Kendall.

this prevented the drag race from even starting.

Last month, in another traffic safety action, police confiscated ATVs and dirt bikes and made arrests after many operators disrupted traffic.

“As the New Haven Police Department we are going to do everything that we can to send the message that that behavior will not be tolerated,” Kendall added.

New Haven Police said beware. They will be monitoring each of the city’s drag racing hotspots regularly moving forward.

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