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VERNON— Thousands were without power after a storm brought heavy winds and rain.

The sound of banging and chainsaws were echoed throughout the town.

Officials say residents that lived along Loveland Hill Rd. were hit pretty hard.

Vernon Public Schools closed for the day due to power outages and damage left by the storm.

“Last night there was a lot of rain and wind, the windows were shaking it was so windy, but when I woke up this morning to go to work I didn’t expect this damage out here,” said Carol Kozlowski, who lives on Loveland Hill Rd.

Yaniece Lopez who also lives on the same road said she has never seen a storm bring this much damage.

“Devastating, it’s scary I’ve never seen something like this before and it’s so potentially dangerous so just wanna keep away from all that,” said Lopez.

Yaniece and her daughter Kyah say they could do nothing, but stand and stare as their yard was littered with debris, broken poles, and downed wires.

“The wind was like so heavy, my windows in the mini blinds were in and out. I could hear it and I was like, OK?” said Kyah Heppurn.

Lopez said, “I talked to one of the guys from Hawkeye and he said if I could I should try to go to the yard, but as you can see there are wires down and I’m not gonna even attempt it.”

Yaniece says during all of this she was just worried about her son who had to get a ride to work from a friend just to get out of the neighborhood.

Lopez said, “He caught a friend well actually he tried to pull out and he saw that there was a tree in the road, so he caught a friend and someone picked him up so he walked down the street.”

Residents say all they can do is clean up in the coming days.

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