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Cleanup continues on land and sea in southeastern Connecticut

GROTON -- The cleanup was back on Friday morning as soon as the sun came up.

The shoreline communities in south eastern Connecticut were some of the hardest hit.

In Stonington, a large tree uprooted falling into a historic home built in the 1800s.

“We live in the woods so it’s all just wondering you’re up all night just wondering what tree is going to come down first. We were very fortunate God bless us. But this is this is but this is historical for home it’s a beautiful home the trees are beautiful here and the trees are beautiful here really shocked to see this happen,” said Nancy Mercier of Stonington.

That cleanup spans from land to sea, towboats out throughout the day on Friday the first day they were able to get out because conditions were too rough yesterday. Rescuing boats like this one that ran up onto rocks during Wednesday night’s storm.

“We received numerous phone calls yesterday, of sunken boats, boats on the rocks and because of the wind conditions we weren’t able to deal with any of them yesterday. So we put a plan together and kind of triage so we could work with tides and what needed to come off first to mitigate any damage and pollution and responding to other numerous calls,” said Captain Jeff Dziedzic, Towboat U.S. Mystic.

This boat, ironically named “living the dream” appeared to just have scratches.

Others not so lucky, some dealing with capsized boats.

“We knew there was a storm coming but we obviously didn’t expect the intensity it was really noisy the dogs were very upset. We heard a lot of loud noise. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the boat was flipping over,” said Teresa Donatelli of Groton.

The cleanup will not end Friday, much of this work will continue into the weekend.

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