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Say it ain’t snow; seasons could collide in first Winter weather event

MANCHESTER — It’s the time of the year when we have the potential to see fall and winter at the same time. It can put a burden on the state, municipalities, and you.

Connecticut’s DOT stands ready to deploy the fleet. 634 trucks and nearly a dozen tow plows.

DOT spokesperson Kevin Nursick said, “They clear something like 26 feet of asphalt in one pass.”

He said the first storm, no matter how minor, can be one of the worst. “That’s enough to really create havoc, particularly if it’s the first event or two of the season. People are not used to driving in those conditions.”

To the local roads now: Manchester DPW Director Tim Bockus said, “When we get an early storm like this. It causes us a little headache.”

In Manchester, the salt sheds are stocked and the plows are ready to be attached. The possible snowstorm comes at time when the town is in leaf pickup mode.

What we hope is that the weather will be warmer on the back end of the storm to get rid of the snow as quick as possible. But either way we will be picking up leaves and picking up snow, hopefully not at the same time,” said Bockus.

Manchester residents Bill Smith just got the snowblower ready and says he doesn’t like dealing with two seasons at the same time.

Snow blowing your driveway when you have leaves all over the place is kind of difficult. Then when the snow is on the ground sometimes the leaves fall on top of the snow and it’s just aggravating,” Smith said.

At Conyers Hardware, winter is good for business. The shovels and ice melt are stocked. “We also try to use user friendly type ice melters so it’s not as harmful to your lawn, driveway and sidewalks,” said manager Peter Harris.

Its important to use that ice melt to keep you sidewalks as safe as possible. A slip and fall can trigger an insurance event where you could be liable.

Everyone is so sue happy. We see that all the time here. I think it would great to just stay on top of everything and make sure it’s clear so they don’t have much leverage to try and do after you if they want,” said Sheri Wilson of the Insurance Store of Connecticut.

The state says their snow removal budget for the season will likely be close to $40-million. 

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