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WorkinCT: A revolution in basketball training in Manchester

MANCHESTER -- There’s a court, hoops and basketballs inside Revolution Basketball Training in Manchester, but you won’t find a game going on in here.  At RBT, it’s all about the individual player.

“We innovate, create.  We train our kids in a very unique way, in a manner that develops them a lot faster,” said Jaquann Starks, who is an I’mpossible Skill Specialist and Trainer.

FOX61 was there for a nightly skills lab where boys and girls grade four and up get the individual attention they need to be better players.

“We’re not coaches, and we don’t accept that role of being a coach.  We focus on the individual player and their actual skill set,” said Starks.

“What we’re doing is skill enhancement which allows players to see what they’re doing with their feet, what they’re doing with their hands, what they’re doing with their jump shot, what they’re doing as they finish, what they’re doing with dribbling, and it allows them to grow and play in any basketball system and to play in any type of environment,” said Keith Turcios, who is an I'mpossible Skill Specialist and Trainer.

It’s a program like no other in the Northeast.  Revolution Basketball Training is an officially licensed Skill Lab of I’mpossible Training, which was founded by NBA trainer Micah Lancaster.

The Skill Specialists at RBT are certified by Lancaster.

“Our biggest concern is finding your weaknesses.  It’s not finding what you’re good at.  It’s finding what you’re weak at and making that a strength to make you a more holistic player,” said Turcios.

Revolution Basketball Training has been open since September and already parents say that they are noticing a difference.

“He’s a lot more fluid.  He’s gotten a lot faster.  His feet are a lot quicker.  He’s doing a lot of things that are more outside-the-box, beyond traditional training, so it’s been a lot of fun for him,” said Steve Lynch, whose son Declan is part of the program.

It’s about pushing each athlete beyond his or her comfort zones to maximize growth both mentally and physically.

“A big thing that we say in here is that you have to be one percent better.  Some days it may be tougher to get to that one percent, some days it may be really easy to get to that one percent, but if you’re one percent better every day, that process is going to get easier and easier as you continue to work toward whatever goal it is,” said Turcios.

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