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WINDSOR LOCKS — Residents are bracing for the cold as temperatures trend downwards.


FOX61 has been monitoring the roadways as weather may be a factor in the coming days from wet weather and freezing temperatures. 


In New Britain, FOX61 spoke with one homeowner, José Sandoval who says he’s already preparing to fight the cold.  


“I feel like the winters get longer every year, so we have to prepare in different ways now,” Sandoval said. 


Sandoval said he is already in the process of buying plastic covers for his windows, salt for the driveway and even adding an extra door in his home to keep in the heat. 


“In this room, it either gets really hot or really cold, hot in the summer or really cold in the winter, so once I added that door it stopped all the breeze in cold air from coming into the main house." Sandoval explained.


Experts from weather.gov say as temperatures stay consistently cold make sure you take extra care in protecting your pipes.

They suggest:

  1. Make sure you and your family knows how to shut off the water, in case pipes burst.
  2. NEVER try to thaw a pipe with an open flame or torch. Use a hair dryer instead.
  3. Always be careful of the potential for electric shock in and around standing water.

Sandoval says if you haven’t already starting making plans for the cold, you need to start now.

“Dress warm, get your gloves and get your hats, your thermals. Just stay warm, keep warm, “ Sandoval said. 


An additional tip for embracing the cold is to ensure your car is ready as well -- check your tires before you hit the road, check your battery, fluids alrea like oil, antifreeze, and gasoline. 

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