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Bolton BoE member resigns after arrest in connection with teen party with alcohol at her home

BOLTON -- Board of Education member Alison Romkey  has resigned after being arrested in connection with a party held at her house where teens were drinking according to officials.

On Wednesday, Kristin B. Heckt,  Superintendent of Bolton Public Schools confirmed the arrest but did not any further comment. Romkey was elected to the Board in 2017.

Romkey tendered her resignation Wednesday afternoon, effective immediately.

Police sources tell FOX61 that police also plan to charge Alison Romkey’s husband Eric.

Romkey, 52, was charged Tuesday by State Police in connection with a party in her home where alcohol was served to teens. She was charged with nine counts permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol in a dwelling.

She is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 4. She was released on a $2,500 bond.

According to court documents, the resident State Trooper for Bolton, shortly after a school dance at Bolton High School, he stopped a car that was traveling at a high rated of speed. The trooper found marijuana and alcohol in the car. The driver and passenger told police they had been taking the alcohol and marijuana to an after dance party at a home on Shoddy Mill Road. The trooper issued a summons to the driver.

The trooper went to the home and saw a number of vehicles at the home and "numerous" teens running away from the home. When the trooper knocked on the door, he asked one of the party goers to wake the homeowners. Eric and Alison Romkey met the trooper at the door. Troopers told the Romkeys that he had to secure the residence as he believed there was more alcohol and marijuana in the possession of the teens downstairs.

Police said they found about 20 teens in the finished basement. The trooper told the teens they would not be charged if they put all the alcohol and marijuana in the center of the room. After which, the teens were asked to call their parents to arrange for a ride home.

Police found three bottles opened and unopened bottles of vodka, six bottles opened and unopened bottles or cans of beer, and two unopened bottles of Smirnoff nips, eight bottle of mixed drinks. They also found eight bags of marijuana totalling 39.5 grams, two glass bowls and 14 vape smoking devices.

Police had the teens pour the contents of the alcohol bottles outside on the grass and the warrant stated the trooper could smell the strong odor of alcohol and Alison Romkey stated, "well this is what teenagers do." The statement also noted that Romkey's teenage daughter said she took full responsibility for what happened at the party.

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