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It’ll be snowing in Middlefield for the rest of the week

MIDDLEFIELD - The Powder Ridge Mountain Park and Resort team saw this week’s forecast and new they had to take advantage of Mother Nature’s frigid pre-holiday gift.

Powder Ridge has certainly been living up to its name since late Tuesday night, when they  hit the switch to put winter on full blast.

“High powered fan guns and over 100 lances up there operating,” Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort President  & CEO, Sean Hayes said.

They’re making giant piles of snow for the over the next three nights, excluding Thursday.

“We will be able to put over one million things gallons a night of snow on this mountain,” Hayes said.

The capability is there to open Powder Ridge in the next few days, but he says they won’t, as they just focus on creating a nice base.

“So, come the first, second week of December, Powder Ridge should be open,” he said.

Certainly, there are many factors that go into when it is most effective to turn on the snow guns, including what’s called a wet bulb temperature, which is a mixture between the actual temperature and the humidity level.

“Once we get to a wet bulb of 27° or below, we can produce snow,” Hayes says. “When we get into the high teens or low 20s, all banks are opened.”

Like they are now.

“Here in southern Connecticut where we are you know we’re not making snow like this during many days so when we get an opportunity to make piles we’re gonna do it for,” Hayes said.

And, even if Mother Nature is not dumping powder on the ridge, they’ll be in good shape for their Winter Festival, which kicks off December 13.

“We may not be able to ski on it, but we can go tubing on it,” he said. “We can have a snowball fight, ice sculptures and everything else will be here all December long.”

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