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Money returned to Waterford vet who lost $4,000 on Veterans Day

MYSTIC -- A positive outcome in the case of some lost money.

The man who found it  returned over $4,000 to an vet who lost the money on Monday.

Benjamin Donovan, 34, of Waterford ate lunch at the restaurant on Veterans Day when he dropped an envelope that had over $4,000 in cash.

On Wednesday morning Donovan posted on Facebook:

"Theres good people out there in the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Bill Palifka! He found the money at Angie’s Pizza in the bathroom, was weary of turning in such a large amount to the restaurant, left for a business trip that day, was going to turn in to the police today but his wife saw one of the multiple news stories and he contacted me! The ultimate kicker, he’s a Vet, too! Thank you so much to everyone that cared enough to reach out, share the story, share kind words or donate. Any donations will be returned. What a beautiful Day!"

On Monday, Donovan said he went to the bathroom inside the restaurant at some point and came back out to realize his back pocket was empty.

"As we were leaving, we went to the paint store right down the road and as soon as we got there, I went in my pocket and I’m like oh no," Donovan added.

Donovan owned a painting company and that money was a deposit for a contract.

As a friendly gesture, his good friends at Angie's Pizza posted about it on Facebook. The message then spread like wildfire.

A stranger then started a GoFundMe page and so far as of Wednesday, over 700-dollars has been raised.

Donovan, however said he does not want anyone's money. He just wanted what was his ... returned.


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