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Employees of missing Waterbury woman beg for her to come home

Employees of a missing Waterbury business owner are begging for her to come home. Janet Avalo Alvarez has not been seen since opening her restaurant Tuesday night.

Janet’s two employees say she is always in close contact with them and other loved ones.
They are now begging for her to come home safely.

“Janet and if you see this, please call us. Please call us. We’re worried about you and we’re not going to stop looking for you,” says Ikaiah Vasquez, one of Janet’s Avalo Alvarez employees.

Janet Avalo Alvarez opened her bar on East Main Street in Waterbury on Tuesday at 9 p.m. The restaurant was never closed that night and, according to Waterbury police, her car was left in the parking lot behind the restaurant.

“She would always be in contact with someone at least to say, ‘hey I’m good’,” Nicola Carter, another employee. “She owns a bar, so.”

“If she’s not talking to her brother, if she’s not talking to her family, then she’s somewhere where she can’t get in contact, so we’re just worried about where she is and where she could be because this is not like her,” says Vasquez

Police have been unable to get in contact with her boyfriend so far, who is the co-owner of the bar with Janet. Both are originally from the Dominican Republic but have been in Connecticut since they were teenagers.

Now, her friends are organizing search parties and even getting the word out on social media to people in the Dominican Republic.

“In the middle of the night I’m just hoping that I see like a poster that she’s found, her replying back to a message,” says Carter. “It’s hard because we don’t know anything.”

While both women say everyone at the restaurant is family, they say that no one was close to Janet’s boyfriend, Alfredo, who was quiet and didn’t say much. Nicola fears he may have fled back to the Dominican Republic.

“No one can contact him. I’m pretty sure that’s his next move,” says Carter.

Tomorrow morning Janet’s friends are organizing a search starting at the restaurant. Waterbury Police.

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