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Meriden city councilman speaks out after being accused of assaulting two judicial marshals

MERIDEN -- The Meriden City Councilman whose charges were dismissed last Friday, after an altercation with law enforcement, is speaking out.

Miguel Castro's charges were dismissed this past Friday after being accused of assaulting two judicial marshals in December 2018.

Miguel Castro has been in and out of the courts approximately 12 times.

The charges stemmed from the councilman's arrest when he and others went to the Meriden city courthouse to assist a New Haven family.

An undocumented father of five was set to be released from state custody at the time. Immigrants rights advocates were concerned State Marshals and ICE would detain the father.

In a video released exclusively to FOX61, we see more into the altercation when Castro got into a struggle with officers.

"They were just unhinged," said Castro. "He had me in this full-body lock, put me on the ground, push me, and push me and continue to drag me out of the sallyport."

Police said Castro started the fight with officers and assaulted a judicial marshal. Still, the prosecutor said he had a hard time connecting the dots.

"The information I had in the police report -- there was a situation where Councilman Castro went around from behind and engaged the Marshals," said the prosecutor. "[...] the video evidence doesn't match the information in the report."

"There is no pushing, no spitting. Nobody's calling anybody pigs. We were just there to make sure we were recording and documenting what was happening," responded Castro.

Castro said this incident should have never happened, and right now, all he can do is move forward.

"Engage in a much larger conversation in a public setting where we can hold both the system in the process accountable by crafting legislation," said Castro.

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