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Hamden to Receive 2.4 Million Dollars from FEMA for 2018 Tornado

HAMDEN -- A year and a half ago may seem like a long time ago but for residents in Hamden it feels like yesterday.

May 15, 2018 powerful storms ripped through the state. A tornado touched down in Beacon Falls and continued into Hamden before lifting. But not before leaving 3 millions dollars in damage in its wake.

Now FEMA is stepping in providing the town of Hamden with just under 2.4 million dollars in aid.

Town Mayor Curt B. Leng explained that this in the long run it prevents taxes from rising. The money was borrowed on a bank loan and now not as much needs to be paid back.

“This large FEMA grant that came through in 4 parts were very thankful to our delegates for being our advocates” Mayor Leng said.

The clean up efforts extended into sleeping giant state park where thousands of trees came down.

The town did push for a grant to help homeowners still cleaning up but that was denied. However, there is still a tiny glimpse of hope for residents.

Mayor Leng explained that Rosa DeLauro was working a bill that would provide aid for homeowners who’s house sustained no damage but property sustained tree damage. That bill was approved by the house and has now moved to the senate floor.

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