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Red, white and blue filled the hallways of several Plainville schools as students welcome dozens of brave men and women on Veterans Day.

Monday’s events were an opportunity for the younger generation to meet face to face those who have served our country.

“I was in the U.S. Army and was drafted during the Vietnam War, so I did two years in the military,” said veteran Bob Beveridge from Plainville.

“I’m working on twenty-one years currently,” says Christina Glasberg, a Senior Master Sergeant in the Air Force.

Steven LePage, Superintendent of Plainville Public Schools, said the event was to hear from veteran's experiences first hand alongside learning it in their classroom:

“[...] Experience what it means to be a veteran and hear from them, their experiences some of the loses and sacrifices they made for the protection our freedom,” says Steven LePage, the Superintendent or Plainville Public Schools.

For many veterans, this is a day to reflect and reminisce about the years they serve.

“I take it personally. I had a kid brother who was in Vietnam, and they were ambushed. So, I take it personally because he passed away,” said Beveridge.

“It’s a privilege to be still serving and give thanks to those who have served prior to our generation,” said Glasberg.

Veterans say the friendships they’ve made helped them get through difficult times, and those experiences shaped the person they are today.

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