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Family seeking closure and justice claims police New Haven police have kept them in the dark

NEW HAVEN — A family morning the loss of their loved one is upset for what they call, the New Haven Police Department’s lack of communication about the progress of the investigation.

The family of James Grant says he was a loving family man who volunteered in the cleanup of Hurricane Irma. The family says they need closure. They want the man responsible for his death charged and locked up.

It’s been three months since 28-year-James Grant, who was riding his motorcycle, was struck and killed by 42-year-old Jerry Boucicault in the area of Winthrop and Sylvan Avenue in New Haven.

“At the end of the day, someone is responsible,” said sister Ashley Johnson.

Boucicault is free after posting $100,000 bail.

“My brother is gone. He gets to stay home with his family for the holidays,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the New Haven Police have left them in the dark regarding the status of the investigation.

“Poor job of keeping us updated and informed about my brother's case,” said Johnson.

That is disputed by police who say they’ve been in regular contact. “As recently as yesterday with the victim's mother,” said Assistant Chief Renee Dominguez of the New Haven Police Department.

Boucicault is charged with driving under the influence, but not yet with Grant’s death. Police say they can’t compromise the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

“We have to take many steps. Ultimately we are looking for not just an arrest but we want a conviction,” said Lt. Rose Dell of the New Haven Police Department.

Putting a case together takes time.

“Push the crime lab a little bit more,” said Johnson.

“That’s only one piece of the puzzle,” responded Lt. Dell. Dell explained the steps police take when investigating deadly accidents. “ (We) interview all witnesses. We like to get taper statements. We do inspections of the vehicles involved which require search warrants. We look for video surveillance. We sometimes do time, distance, speed calculations.”

The family is desperate for closure.

“My mom has 7 kids. We are a unit. With one missing we are not anything without the other,” said Johnson.

The New Haven Police said that they’ve contacted the family about a formal sit down meeting to try to answer the questions they can on Friday. They are waiting to hear back.

“How they are feeling about the police department. We want them to feel that we are doing everything in our ability to bring closure to them and that they feel that we are supporting them,” said Assistant Chief Dominguez.

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