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Commuters and workers bundle up as bitter cold impacts Connecticut

HARTFORD-- People all around the state are just trying to do their absolute best to beat the cold and stay warm, FOX61 spoke to had to call AAA to get her day jump-started.

"This is actually my daughter's car, she called me in a panic because she needed to get to work, so I came over here, gave her my car and sat and waited for AAA," said Pryia Morgan-Stern.

AAA says they are used to getting flooded with calls during this time of year.

Crews reported more than 100 calls an hour today, just in the greater Hartford area alone, all for dead batteries.

Experts suggest cars run at least for 15-minutes a day, just to keep those batteries juiced up and ready to go.

“If you don't drive it for like let's say two days, to three in this wintertime batteries tend to drain down to the point where it will not be able to start the vehicle. In the wintertime, they need as much power to start, so powering it up every day even if you don't plan on traveling is good for the vehicle,” said Alex Cartagena

Alex Cartagena with AAA, like many other professionals, say although they do their best to help out residents, the cold still nips at them when they’re working.

"We prepare ahead of time, so if we see the weather and we see that it's going to be bad we prepare to counteract it so that we can get to our members fast,” said Cartagena

According to experts that goes the same for anyone who needs to brave to the cold to go to work, from mail carriers to oil delivery drivers.

One oil delivery driver, David Matos said, "You got to preplan a little more, because of the layers you got to wear and make sure that you have everything. If you get caught without your hat or second pair of gloves you can end up regretting it for the rest of the day, this kind of cold just really bites at you."

As the colder months continue AAA also suggest making sure your tires have enough tread to combat slick roads.

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