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Al Terzi has one of the most recognizable faces in Connecticut, having spent more than four decades (since 1968) anchoring and reporting the news here.

Al is a native of upstate New York, where he started his broadcasting career as a radio DJ.

A highly-respected journalist, he is a two-time Emmy Award winner, who, in addition to anchoring major daily newscasts , has considerable experience hosting political interview programs.

Among his many other honors over the years is a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New England Associated Press/RTNDA chapter in Boston, and a Silver Circle Award for 25+ years of television service, from the regional chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Al’s education includes undergraduate studies at both Yale University and Central Connecticut State University, and he holds a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

A military veteran, Al was trained as a linguist in Chinese and Korean, and spent more than seven years with Air Force Intelligence Operations in the Far East, during the Vietnam-era.

Al and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Middletown.

Recent Articles
  • Connecticut 16-year-old is host of own political show

    Imagine being 16-years-old and being the host of your own online interview program focusing on politics! That’s what Ryan Anastasio of Woodbridge has been up for two years already, and he is really good at it. On his program, “Raving Ryan”, he has talked to most of the state’s top political figures, as well as other prominent individuals , including the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court Richard Robinson. His questions are insightful, and his personality, delightful! Guest: Ryan […]

  • The Real Story – Governor’s race

    The latest Quinnipiac Poll on the 2018 governor’s race shows Ned Lamont in the lead by 8 points over Republican Bob Stefanowski, but there’s more to the story. There’s a gender gap: Lamont is ahead by more than 20 points among women. Also, 21% of the likely voters say they could change their minds about who will get their vote. We get analysis from Republican Consultant Ben Proto, and Democrat Bill Curry, who writes for Salon.com

  • The Real Story – Fighting opioid abuse

    We talk with Kim Beauregard, the leader of Intercommunity Healthcare, a non-profit organization that provides primary healthcare and other services to patients who couldn’t otherwise afford it. We focus on how Intercommunity, based in Hartford, and is also leading the fight against opioid abuse and deadly overdoses (more than 500 deaths in Connecticut alone, during the first six months of 2018). She expresses concern that Connecticut’s terrible budget situation might very well mean cuts in funding.

  • The Real Story – US Rep John Larson

    US Rep John Larson (D) Dist. 1 joins us to discuss his plan to save Social Security, which is now expected to run out of money in 2033, only 15 years from now.  We also talk to him about his controversial proposal to build tunnels to carry traffic where Interstates 91 and 84 meet in Hartford.

  • The Real Story – General Assembly’s updated policy on sexual harassment

    State Sen. Mae Flexer talks about the General Assembly’s updated policy on sexual harassment.  It was adopted after an anonymous survey of nearly 600 workers at the State Capitol showed many of them have experienced unwanted sexual contact, uncomfortable visits or phone calls and other forms of inappropriate behavior.  In 15% of the cases, a lawmaker was the offender.

  • The Real Story – US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    A discussion on the confirmation hearing for US Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and how today’s pattern of in-your-face politics has played a significant role. Guests:  Richard Kay, Professor Emeritus, UConn School of Law, and William Dunlap, Professor, Quinnipiac University School of law.

  • The Real Story – College student running for state house

    21-year-old college student ANDREW LANCIOTTO is on the November Ballot.  The young republican, a senior at Central Connecticut     State University, is running for the House seat being vacated by Rep. Tony Guerrera.  Lanciotto talks about his background, why he’s     running and his platform (which he describes as “very simple”).

  • The Real Story – Oz Griebel

    OZ GRIEBEL, Independent Candidate for Governor, joins us to talk about his experience participating in Wednesday’s debate at UConn.  It was the 3rd debate of the post-primary season, but only the first one to which he had been invited.  Organizers of the first two excluded him, due to the perception that he didn’t have much support.  Griebel disusses his position on several issues,  including the state income tax, paying for transportation needs and legalizing recreational marijuana.

  • The Real Story – Cybersecurity report

    A frightening report from Connecticut’s “Cybersecurity Czar”, Arthur House, who tells The Real Story that says, over the last two years, state utility companies (gas, electricity and water) have been targeted, hundreds of millions of times by various actors, including Russia, China and Iran, but so far none of them has successfully penetrated any of the companies.  At the same time, he warns that he believes it is just a matter of time before there’s a major successful attack somewhere […]

  • The Real Story – Unions on the spot

    Connecticut AFL-CIO President Lori Pelletier responds to the Hartford Courant editorial and the Op-Ed by former Republican gubernatorial candidate, David Stemerman, both of which call on the state employee unions to step up, and agree to renegotiate their union contracts, especially on the costly issues of their pensions and health benefits.