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Al Terzi has one of the most recognizable faces in Connecticut, having spent more than four decades (since 1968) anchoring and reporting the news here.

Al is a native of upstate New York, where he started his broadcasting career as a radio DJ.

A highly-respected journalist, he is a two-time Emmy Award winner, who, in addition to anchoring major daily newscasts , has considerable experience hosting political interview programs.

Among his many other honors over the years is a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New England Associated Press/RTNDA chapter in Boston, and a Silver Circle Award for 25+ years of television service, from the regional chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Al’s education includes undergraduate studies at both Yale University and Central Connecticut State University, and he holds a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

A military veteran, Al was trained as a linguist in Chinese and Korean, and spent more than seven years with Air Force Intelligence Operations in the Far East, during the Vietnam-era.

Al and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Middletown.

Recent Articles
  • The Real Story: Raising the sales tax?

    Fox61 News report by Matt Caron on one lawmaker’s proposal to raise the state sales tax rate to 6.85%, a half-point increase. Whose idea is that, and what’s the purpose?

  • The Real Story: Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz and the Lamont budget proposal

    Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz previews Governor Lamont’s imminent Budget Message to state lawmakers. We discuss raising the minimum wage to (eventually) $15/hour, legalizing marijuana, Paid Family/Medical Leave, and more, including plans for tolls. Bysiewicz hints at the ‘options’ Governor Lamont made clear two days after this interview was recorded. The governor’s budget address to the CT General Assembly is scheduled for noon, Wednesday, February 20th.  Fox61 News will carry it live.

  • The Real Story: State employee unions and the budget

    Are unionized state employees willing to, once again, make contract concessions to help balance the state budget? We put that question to Sal Luciano, the interim leader of the Connecticut AFL-CIO, and you may be surprised by his answer. (The day after this interview, Luciano was elected President of the CT AFL-CIO.)

  • The Real Story – State party chairs

    An extended discussion the with the state chairs of Connecticut’s two major parties:  The Democrats’ Nancy Wyman on why the former Lieutenant Governor came out of (a very brief) retirement, and what she hopes to accomplish as State Party Chair, and we ask Republican J.R. Romano if he’ll seek reelection after so many GOP losses in November. Plus their take on the early ideas and proposals in this year’s legislative session.

  • The Real Story – Democratic agenda for 2019

    With Gov. Ned Lamont’s Budget Message to the General Assembly drawing closer (Feb. 20), we talk with House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz about the Democratic agenda for 2019, including a much higher minimum wage, paid Family and Medical Leave, lifting sales tax exemptions, and ways to pay for transportation improvements.  We also asked what’s going to be done about the still-undecided House race in Stratford, where there was a mix-up on Election Day, when 75 voters were given ballots for the […]

  • The Real Story: Secretary of the State Denise Merrill on early voting

    Secretary of the State Discussion of bill to allow early voting in Connecticut, one of only a dozen states that do not allow it.  The approval process is complicated because it requires amending the state constitution.  Also discussed, what’s being done about the mix-up last year at a polling place in Stratford, where dozens of voters in one House district were given ballots with the names of candidates for a different district.

  • The Real Story: Shifting social Services

    Shifting more social services, currently provided by state agencies, to non-profits, as a way for the state to save money.  An idea whose time has come?  Barry Simon, President and CEO of Oak Hill, the largest such non-profit in the state (providing care for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities) says “Yes!”, and explains how it would work.

  • The Real Story: Raising the minimum wage

    Gov. Ned Lamont regards, as a top priority raising Connecticut’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and requiring that employers offer paid medical and family leave to their workers, but Republicans don’t share his enthusiasm.  We get the views of State Representative Joe Polletta, Ranking Member on the General Assembly’s Labor Committee.

  • The Real Story: Attorney General William Tong

    Our first interview with the Connecticut’s new Attorney General, William Tong.  He provides an update on the “deceptive-marketing” case against Stamford-based Purdue Pharma, the maker of the painkiller “oxycontin”, which has been blamed for so many overdose deaths.  Also, developments in cases challenging actions by the Trump Administration.  One deals with access to “contraceptives”, under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Another, with adding a “citizenship” question to the next year’s US census.

  • The Real Story: Legalizing sports betting in Connecticut

    New legislation has been introduced to legalize sports betting in Connecticut, whether in person or over the internet.  Still to be settled: A deal with the tribal operators of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun who believe that they have the exclusive right to such activity, under their long-standing compact with the state.  Guest:  Sen. Paul Formica (R) East Lyme, a co-sponsor of the bill (SB-17).

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