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Al Terzi has one of the most recognizable faces in Connecticut, having spent more than four decades (since 1968) anchoring and reporting the news here.

Al is a native of upstate New York, where he started his broadcasting career as a radio DJ.

A highly-respected journalist, he is a two-time Emmy Award winner, who, in addition to anchoring major daily newscasts , has considerable experience hosting political interview programs.

Among his many other honors over the years is a Lifetime Achievement Award from the New England Associated Press/RTNDA chapter in Boston, and a Silver Circle Award for 25+ years of television service, from the regional chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Al’s education includes undergraduate studies at both Yale University and Central Connecticut State University, and he holds a law degree from the University of Connecticut School of Law.

A military veteran, Al was trained as a linguist in Chinese and Korean, and spent more than seven years with Air Force Intelligence Operations in the Far East, during the Vietnam-era.

Al and his wife, Carolyn, currently reside in Middletown.

Recent Articles
  • The Real Story: Independent Oz Griebel discusses the gubernatorial race

    Oz Griebel is still waiting for word that he has qualified for the November ballot. He has submitted thousands of petition signatures, but the verification process is still under way.  On the issues, he explains why he thinks there’s no way that Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski will be able to eliminate the state income tax. Griebel’s favorite topic: Creating jobs and boosting the state economy, by rebuilding transportation! (That includes reintroducing tolls on state highways, to pay for it. )

  • The Real Story: Susan Bysiewicz after her primary day win

    Savoring her primary win over union activist Eva Bermudez Zimmerman; What the Lamont-Bysiewicz team means by “building an economy that works for everyone (and how they will do it); Why Lamont-Bysiewicz are calling on Republicans to reject endorsements from the Family Institute of Connecticut.

  • The Real Story: Republican Attorney General Nominee Sue Hatfield reacts to New Haven overdoses

    Sue Hatfield reacts to the dozens of overdoses this week on the New Haven Green, citing her experience as a prosecutor and former nurse. in calling on the state to toughen penalties for drug dealing, and to work with the federal government and neighboring states in a major crackdown on such activity. On gun rights, she says she is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, but still favors a federal ban on so-called “ghost guns” (3-d printed firearms).

  • The Real Story: Matt Corey seeks GOP nomination against Sen. Chris Murphy

    Matt Corey, Hartford businessman, seeking the GOP nomination, to run for US Senate, against Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy.  Previously, Corey has run against Congressman John Larson three times, and has failed.  Why he thinks he has a better chance in this race.

  • The Real Story: Bob Stefanowski, Republican seeking Governor’s seat

    Bob Stefanowski, Republican for Governor, talks about his plan to boost the state economy and straighten out the state’s finances, in major part, by phasing out the state income tax (over eight years).  How does he propose to get that done?

  • The Real Story: National Teacher of the Year runs for Congress

    Democrat Jahana Hayes, 2016 National Teacher of the Year, now running for Congress! It’s her first run for public office, and she is facing someone with a lot of experience: Mary Glassman, former state lawmaker and former First Selectman of Simsbury. But Hayes is confident, and she’s been getting a lot of attention.

  • The Real Story – Eva Bermudez Zimmerman

    Union activist Eva Bermudez Zimmerman discusses her campaign, seeking the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor.  In her first run for public office, she is challenging the party-endorsed candidate, former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, in the August 14 primary.

  • The Real Story – Connecticut GOP Chair J. R. Romano

    Connecticut GOP Chair J. R. Romano reacts to the huge surge in voter registrations this year, and its potential impact on Republican chances  for winning the governor’s office and making gains in the General Assembly.

  • The Real Story – Dominic Rapini

    Branford businessman Dominic Rapini, seeking the Republican nomination for US Senate (the seat currently held by Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy), explains why he agrees with President Trump that it is time for the Mueller probe to end.  He also talks about his plan to deal with illegal immigrants and explains how it seeks to enlist the help of big-box stores, such as, Walmart.

  • The Real Story – Brian Foley joins FOX61

    Brian Foley, who just retired as Deputy Police Chief in Hartford, is soon coming to work at FOX61, as the station’s Chief Investigator.  As he prepares for his new role, he joins us to reflect on how things have changed during his 24 year career in law enforcement, especially when it comes to police-community relations.