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  • Houston school takes down ‘sexist’ quote from hallway wall after social media controversy

    HOUSTON, Texas— A Houston school has removed a quote popularized by a former New York madam after social media controversy over the saying, which was posted in a hallway above school lockers, according to CNN affiliate KTRK. The quote: “The more you act like a lady, the more he’ll act like a gentleman.” The decal letters were taken down Saturday, school district officials told KTRK. The saying had been on a wall above lockers in Gregory-Lincoln Education Center for the Performing […]

  • FDA expands recall of blood pressure drug valsartan due to cancer concern

    The US Food and Drug Administration expanded the list of drugs being recalled that contain valsartan. The drug is used as a component in a set of drugs used to treat heart failure and blood pressure. New to the list are some valsartan products manufactured by Hetero Labs Ltd. in India, which are labeled as Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc. Test results show that some of the products may be tainted. The FDA announced a valsartan recall in July after lab tests revealed that some drugs could […]

  • Trump says he canceled military parade over ‘ridiculously high’ cost estimate

    President Donald Trump said Friday that he canceled a US military parade planned for Veterans Day weekend, blaming Washington city officials for inflating costs amid reports that indicated the event’s price tag had soared over initial estimates. “The local politicians who run Washington, D.C. (poorly) know a windfall when they see it. When asked to give us a price for holding a great celebratory military parade, they wanted a number so ridiculously high that I cancelled it,” Trump tweeted Friday […]

  • Architect of bin Laden raid issues stunning rebuke of Trump

    Retired Adm. William McRaven, the man who oversaw the 2011 Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden, issued a stunning rebuke of President Donald Trump’s decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday, defending the former spy chief as “one of the finest public servants I have ever known.” In an op-ed published by the Washington Post, McRaven, a former Navy SEAL who led US Joint Special Operations Command from 2011 to 2014, not […]

  • Authorities find bodies believed to be Colorado man’s missing wife and daughters

    FREDRICK, Colo. — Authorities on Thursday discovered three bodies they believe to be a missing Colorado woman and her two young daughters, officials said. Police are working to confirm their identities. Shanann Watts, who was 15 weeks pregnant, was reported missing Monday along with her two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Her husband, Chris Watts, was taken into custody Wednesday night and is being held in the Weld County Jail, north of Denver, the Frederick Police Department said in […]

  • NYU makes tuition free for all medical students

    NEW YORK — New York University will offer a scholarship that covers tuition to every new, current and future medical student, it said Thursday. All students enrolled in the MD degree program are eligible, regardless of their financial need or academic performance. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, which this year amounts to $55,018. The NYU School of Medicine is the first top 10-ranked medical school to make tuition free, the school said. There are currently 442 students […]

  • Vatican calls abuse ‘criminal and morally reprehensible’

    The Vatican responded on Thursday to a Pennsylvania grand jury report that detailed decades of sexual abuses by priests and cover-ups by bishops, calling the accusations described in the report “criminal and morally reprehensible.” “Regarding the report made public in Pennsylvania this week, there are two words that can express the feelings faced with these horrible crimes: shame and sorrow,” said Greg Burke, director of the Vatican’s Press Office. “The Holy See treats with great seriousness the work of the […]

  • ‘Red tide’ and green slime: Florida’s toxic algae problem

    When Marcy Cornell’s toddler son “couldn’t breathe” on the first day of their recent Florida vacation, she took him straight to the emergency room. “Before they even asked me anything else … they said, ‘Did you go to the beach today?’ ” she recalled. Doctors said her son had upper airway inflammation “brought on by the red tide,” she said. Evan, almost 2 years old, is doing just fine now. But the warning signs were there from the start. The […]

  • Trump revokes ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance

    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, reading a statement from President Donald Trump, announced Wednesday that former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance has been revoked. “As the head of the executive branch and commander in chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today, in fulfilling that responsibility, I have decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” she said. […]

  • A contact lens was embedded in woman’s eyelid for 28 years

    Calling all contact lens users: Do not panic. (Shuddering is fine.) Imagine going to the eye doctor because your upper eyelid is swollen and painful. The doctor tells you it’s a cyst and operates. Inside the blister, the surgeon finds a contact lens: a rigid gas-permeable one. But you haven’t worn that type of contact in 28 years! That’s what happened to a 42-year-old British woman, according to a report recently published in the journal BMJ Case Reports. Starting as […]