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  • ‘Red tide’ and green slime: Florida’s toxic algae problem

    When Marcy Cornell’s toddler son “couldn’t breathe” on the first day of their recent Florida vacation, she took him straight to the emergency room. “Before they even asked me anything else … they said, ‘Did you go to the beach today?’ ” she recalled. Doctors said her son had upper airway inflammation “brought on by the red tide,” she said. Evan, almost 2 years old, is doing just fine now. But the warning signs were there from the start. The […]

  • Trump revokes ex-CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance

    White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, reading a statement from President Donald Trump, announced Wednesday that former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance has been revoked. “As the head of the executive branch and commander in chief, I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today, in fulfilling that responsibility, I have decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” she said. […]

  • A contact lens was embedded in woman’s eyelid for 28 years

    Calling all contact lens users: Do not panic. (Shuddering is fine.) Imagine going to the eye doctor because your upper eyelid is swollen and painful. The doctor tells you it’s a cyst and operates. Inside the blister, the surgeon finds a contact lens: a rigid gas-permeable one. But you haven’t worn that type of contact in 28 years! That’s what happened to a 42-year-old British woman, according to a report recently published in the journal BMJ Case Reports. Starting as […]

  • Hatch on Trump tweet calling Omarosa a ‘dog’: ‘I’m not comfortable with that’

    Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, the veteran Republican and Senate president pro tempore, said Wednesday he wasn’t comfortable with President Donald Trump calling former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman, the only African-American to have served in a senior role in the White House, as a “dog.” “No, I’m not comfortable with that,” Hatch, a close ally of Trump’s, told CNN Wednesday. “I don’t think words like that should be used especially by the President … I think he should rise […]

  • Unsafe levels of a weed killer chemical in oat products, report says

    Some types of oat cereals, oatmeal, granola and snack bars contain higher levels of a chemical found in the weed killer Roundup than what the Environmental Working Group considers safe, according to a report released Wednesday by the advocacy group. Almost three-quarters of food samples tested showed higher glyphosate levels than what the group’s scientists believe to be “protective of children’s health,” the report indicates. Last week, a jury at the Superior Court of California in San Francisco awarded $289 million in […]

  • Twitter suspends conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for one week

    Twitter has suspended far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from its platform for one week. The news was first shared by an InfoWars personality, who tweeted a screenshot of Jones’ Twitter account — indicating the company limited some of Jones’ account features temporarily. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the screenshot. The spokesperson said the content which prompted Twitter to suspend Jones was a video published Tuesday in which he said, “Now is time to act on the enemy before […]

  • Report details sexual abuse by more than 300 priests in Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church

    A new grand jury report says that internal documents from six Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania show that more than 300 “predator priests” have been credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 child victims. “We believe that the real number of children whose records were lost or who were afraid ever to come forward is in the thousands,” the grand jury report says. “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them […]

  • Defense rests in Paul Manafort trial; closing arguments Wednesday

    The defense rested its case Tuesday morning in the trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort without calling any witnesses, setting the stage for closing arguments Wednesday morning. Manafort spoke for the first time in court during the trial, saying he will not testify. Manafort told Judge T.S. Ellis that he would not testify during a brief questioning at the podium before the jury was brought in the room. Manafort is not required to testify because of his Fifth […]

  • Sanders ‘can’t guarantee’ Trump hasn’t used the n-word, but hasn’t heard him do it

    As President Donald Trump faced allegations of racism and cruelty on Tuesday, his press secretary stepped to the White House podium to deny only one of those charges. Briefing reporters for the first time in weeks, Sarah Sanders insisted Trump was not using racially coded language when he disparaged a disgruntled former aide, who is African-American, as a “dog.” But her defense — that Trump has insulted people of all races, not just African-Americans — only underscored how the President […]

  • Heavy rain continues to fall across Northeast as region braces for more flooding

    Heavy rain is forecast to continue falling in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, with flood warnings in place Tuesday through Wednesday in some areas. Rising water levels over the weekend and Monday prompted evacuations and emergency declarations in Pennsylvania where water rescues included that of 215 girls on a rafting trip. Images posted to social media showed torrents of brown water sweeping through streets and under bridges. The worst flooding has been west of Philadelphia to Reading and Allentown, […]