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Dan has lived in Connecticut his entire life, and loves working in his home state.
Like many in the weather business, Dan has always had a passion for weather. Growing up in Cheshire, he remembers being 8 years old and venturing outside during thunderstorms, much to his mother’s dismay. He spent a good chunk of his childhood reading weather books and watching tornado chasing videos. Dan is a big fan of severe weather, and loves the excitement of breaking weather news.

Dan graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. While at WCSU, he produced and anchored many school run weather broadcasts for the University’s website, as well as forecasts for the school’s radio station. He was a member of the baseball team, and patrolled center field at WCSU for 4 years.

After college, Dan got his start at WGGB ABC40/FOX6 in Springfield, MA, where he was the weekend weather anchor.

Dan is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, the highest certification from the American Meteorology Society. He still enjoys brushing up on his old weather textbooks! In his meager free time he enjoys running, playing baseball, and spending time with his family.

Recent Articles
  • More rain moving in tonight into the Tuesday morning commute

    This week will be great for your lawn or garden with multiple rounds of rain on the way, starting tonight. A stray shower is possible this evening but most of the rain will develop after midnight and stick around through the morning commute on Tuesday. Tuesday morning looks rainy and wet with periods of rain and lots of clouds. The afternoon won’t be as wet but we’re still forecasting a few scattered showers . If we can see a little sun, […]

  • Hurricane Hunters visit New England for Hurricane Preparedness Week

    QUONSET, R.I. — As part of a multi-state tour, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) is looking to help educate the public on staying safe if and when a hurricane strikes. Their first stop this week was in Rhode Island, and accompanying them was the NOAA airplane and the USAF Hurricane Hunters plane. Both play key roles in helping better understand the storms that head for the United States, ultimately saving lives. Fox61 Meteorologist Dan Amarante was at the […]

  • This week, NASA is practicing what to do if an asteroid hits Earth

    When it comes to extraterrestrial threats, you can never be too careful, and NASA and FEMA aren’t taking any chances. The two agencies, together with some international groups, are holding a practice run of what would ensue in case an asteroid, comet or other near-Earth object (NEO) came hurtling toward the planet. This type of natural disaster is not very likely to happen, but would be catastrophic in the rare chance that it actually does, NASA said in June 2018. The two US agencies […]

  • Connecticut towns forced to deal with ash tree infestation

    With our global economy, products are moved around the world easier than ever before. An unwanted consequence of such movement is that certain parasites are introduced to new environments, leading to major disruptions in nature. One of those disruptions has happened recently with ash trees in Connecticut, and it’s all because of the Emerald Ash Borer. The invasive species from Asia was first noticed in the Naugatuck Valley just nine years ago. Now, it’s spread out across most of the […]

  • West Haven native brings his family in to help with new show

    Have you ever been watching TV or a movie, and an actor playing a character with your profession just does it completely wrong? If they don’t walk the walk and talk the talk, it can quickly take the realism away. For a new show about firefighters, a Connecticut native asked for a little help from his family. Kevin Heffernan is an actor and comedian who has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows for the past 20 years. He’s also […]

  • 131 years ago: Major blizzard dumps nearly 50 inches of snow in parts of CT

    HARTFORD —  We’re no stranger to March snowstorms, but on this date in 1888, Connecticut had the big one. It was 131 years ago when a huge snow storm hit New Britain. It was one of the strongest blizzards to impact our area in recorded history. We’re talking about tremendous snow amounts with 45 inches in New Haven and up to 50 inches reported in Middletown. Keep in mind, all this happened in the days before plow trucks, when your […]

  • Wind gust of 171 mph recorded at Mount Washington on Monday

    While the rest of the northeast was experiencing damaging wind gusts around 50 mph on Monday, Mount Washington, NH took it to another level. A wind gust of 171 mph was recorded by the summit observatory at around 7 PM Monday. Standing at 6,288 feet elevation, the observatory is famous for its fierce wind. In fact, Mount Washington held the record for the strongest wind gust on Earth for more than 60 years. On April 12, 1934, the wind speed […]

  • Dan Explains: Widely successful Mars rover Opportunity has officially died

    Back in 2004, two rovers landed separately on Mars. Named Spirit and Opportunity, their mission was to just simply explore and do science on Mars. Originally slated to last 90 days, they chugged on a whole lot longer than that. Spirit’s mission concluded in 2010 after getting stuck in sand, but Opportunity just kept on going! The rover made some major discoveries about Mars’s past and present, as well as its potential to harbor life. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab drove […]

  • Great State of Minds: Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich

    Conspicuously located on the campus of Norwich Free Academy lies an architectural marvel: the Slater Memorial Museum. The museum was donated by William Albert Slater (a graduate of NFA) to honor his father John Fox Slater, a founding member of the school. The red brick masterpiece opened in 1884, bringing works of art to the public and students at NFA. Vivian Zoe, the Director of the Slater Memorial Museum, gave us a tour and talked about the connection to the […]

  • Southington High School robotics Team 195 looks to dominate another season

    The young engineers of Team 195 from Southington High School have been gearing up for their upcoming season of robotics competitions, and they recently found out what their challenge will be. FIRST robotics is a not-for-profit organization that aims to get students involved in STEM education by holding competitions that thousands of teams from across the world participate in. They kicked off their 2019 season with the announcement of this year’s game. The topic is deep space, and the game […]

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