What’s on your Spring #CTBucketList?

Dave is a proud Nutmegger. He grew up outside of New Haven in Northford, Connecticut where he attended North Branford High School. He graduated from the University of New Haven in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication. Dave also attended graduate school at Quinnipiac University graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s of Science in Sports Journalism in 2018.

Before joining FOX61, Dave worked for two and a half years at NBC Connecticut as a production assistant and sports producer. He currently works as a Media Production Specialist and professor for Quinnipiac University’s School of Communication. Dave also coaches youth hockey for the Greater New Haven Warriors.

Dave is a passionate sports fan with allegiances to the Rangers, Mets and Giants. He also dreams of the day the Whalers come back to Hartford!

Dave is a FOX61 student news alumni excited to be able to deliver content to Connecticut residents. When Dave isn’t at work, you can find him at your local rink playing pickup hockey, hitting the links, at the gym, cooking or preparing for his next class.

Recent Articles
  • Gas prices on the rise in CT

    HARTFORD —  The pain at the pump continues. Gas prices have been steadily going up over the last 14 weeks. Gas has risen .60 cents since mid-February and is up .25 cents just this month alone putting a pinch on your wallet. “I got three kids filling their cars up. It gets a little tough going to college and back,” said Mark Bryne of Tolland. Bryne and his family aren’t the only ones noticing the prices ticking up but he […]

  • Rain brings a soggy start to the holiday weekend in Connecticut

    Dark, wet and gloomy is how mother nature greeted Easter weekend. The rain began last night covering the state and continuing throughout the day. We took to the roads in the FOX61 Stormtracker, experiencing intermittent rain that made driving conditions hazardous. “It’s been down pouring all morning,” said Jessica Gaj of Meriden. “Just a half hour ago it was completely downpouring. You couldn’t see in front of you.” The on and off showers dumped over an inch and a half […]

  • A Scavenger Hunt with an Artistic Flair

    The Hartford Art Scavenger Hunt is on! They are hoping to help you explore Hartford through the eyes of artists. The nine-day event will feature over 150 pieces varying in size and style from local Hartford artists and creators from all across New England. “Oil paintings, acrylic, photography pieces just a whole bunch of different categories of art,” said event organizer Thomas Kenney. The artwork will be spread out at locations in the 17 neighborhoods around Hartford. All of which […]

  • Stop & Shop workers in Meriden hoping for a resolution

    MERIDEN — It’s day four and still no answers for Stop & Shop. A spokeswoman for the grocery giant confirmed that contract talks have reopened between them and the United Food and Commercial Workers. The employees who stood together at the entrances of the Meriden Stop and Shop on Broad Street just want to go back to work. “Nobody wants this,” said Union Steward Vinny Lanteri. “In all fairness, we want to come to an agreement. That’s all we’re asking […]

  • Trout season begins with tradition

    WALLINGFORD – On Opening Day in Connecticut, if the ponds are stocked, the fishermen will come. Dozens of fisherman flocked to Wharton Brook State Park in Wallingford as early as 4 o’clock Saturday Morning. “We didn’t think it be that packed this morning,” said Guy Pappalardo. “When we got in here though, first-row parking was filled.” This year, fishermen eagerly anticipated opening day. Last year’s thunderstorms and macrobursts tore through Wharton Brook, cutting the fishing season short. And that had […]

  • Stanley Black & Decker Opens “Manufactory 4.0.” in Hartford

    HARTFORD  — A hub of innovation was the key phrase around the grand opening of Stanley Black & Decker’s newest Connecticut facility. This one, located right at the heart of the “Heartbeat” at One Constitution Plaza. “We are the Silicon Valley of manufacturing,” said Governor Ned Lamont. “It’s amazing centers like this, right here in downtown Hartford that are bringing in jobs and innovation and giving young people opportunity.” The new site called “Manufactory 4.0,” is a 23,000 sq. ft., […]

  • Waterbury men pay tribute to their friendship with a billboard

    WATERBURY — Driving along the Mix Master in Waterbury, Connecticut, you’d expect to see the usual bumper to bumper traffic. That wasn’t entirely the case over the weekend when drivers also caught a glimpse of a unique billboard. It depicted nine men, awkwardly posing together, in a family portrait. There was no caption but instead leaving it up for interpretation “We were trying to just bring humor and laughter to motorists,” said Jared Andrews of Waterbury. “I mean that stretch […]

  • Gilead Walks to raise mental health awareness

    MIDDLETOWN — Team Gilead wore bright purple shirts asking a simple question, who do you walk for? “I’m walking for a friend named Charlie,” said Dan Osborne, CEO of Gilead Community Services. Everyone for a different reason. “I’m walking for Frank Ramsey,” said Carly Dicicco of Middletown. They aren’t the only ones. Everyone on team Gilead has been touched by someone with mental illness. Each of them with their own story. Today there is power in numbers. Close to 550 […]

  • Quinnipiac’s ‘Big Event’ attracts over 1,000 people for good cause

    HAMDEN — The Big Event, contributing to a big effort. The appropriately named annual community service day is the largest student-run event at Quinnipiac University. It draws over fifteen hundred students, faculty and alumni who come back every year to participate. It’s the first of many for new Quinnipiac President Judy Olian. “We just want to make a difference. Sometimes it’s with our brain and sometimes it’s with our brawn,” said Olian. “There’s a generosity of spirit, kindness and a […]

  • Hartford residents deal with rash of wheel rim thefts

    HARTFORD — Residents in the Capital City are left shaking their heads over a recent string of thefts and now they’re wondering what they can do to protect themselves. “Usually it’s Hondas and Toyotas,” said Randell Reid of West Hartford. A Honda propped on crates  is exactly what residents of Hartford’s West End found on Warrenton Ave Tuesday. It’s sitting in front of Dave Ionna’s home.  The retired librarian has lived in this house for over 40 years. He says he’s never seen anything like this. “We came out in […]

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