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  • FOX61 Student News: Making hats for newborns

    Story by Jacob Chaimovitch, Maxwell Mansfield, Dominic Celeste – South Windsor High School MANCHESTER – Keeping babies warm after birth is a common practice in hospitals. Babies born at Manchester Memorial Hospital are supplied with soft warm hats, thanks to one grandmother’s effort. Marilyn Mansfield has a personal reason for her work. “I was diagnosed with cancer – lymphoma non-hodgkins – and I had to go in and have chemotherapy and radiation. So, while I was there and during my treatment, […]

  • FOX61 Student News: Flight into history

    Story by Nethra Vijayakumar, Aarav Nair South Windsor High School WINDSOR LOCKS — Since the Revolutionary War, Connecticut has been known as the Provision State because it provided more canons and food to the Continental Army than any other state. Today, Connecticut is a world-leader in the aerospace industry. Sikorsky, Kaman, and United Technologies are three prime examples of businesses leading the way in aerospace development. Being able to learn about history first-hand is one reason visitors believe the New […]

  • FOX61 Student News: Students in Madison work to help Uganda

    Story by Ryan Pellatt and Jack Green/Daniel Hand High School Hakuna matata means no worries, but for children in the country of Uganda, some of the most simple things that we take for granted everyday such as school, and even clean drinking water ARE enormous problems. Students and teachers at Daniel Hand are helping these children’s worries go away. The Uganda club is an organization at Daniel Hand High School that helps raise money for schools, wells, and many other important […]

  • FOX61 Student News: March for Matthew 5k Event Brings Awareness to the Community

    Story by Katie Suddy, Norwich Free Academy Matthew Tillinger was a 21 year-old man who died in 2013 from an aortic dissection. According to The National Institutes of Health website, MedLine Plus, an “aortic dissection is a serious condition in which there is a tear in the wall of the major artery carrying blood out of the heart (aorta).” Matthew’s sister, Tiffany Larson decided to organize an event called “March for Matthew 5k” to raise money and awareness for aortic […]

  • FOX61 Student News: Cromwell students learn to get out and about

    Story by Amira Abdelghany CROMWELL — Travel Training at Cromwell High School  is included in the Life-Skills curriculum under the Special Education program. The training includes; functional help, vocational skills, academic skills, and community based instruction. Along with the obvious introduction to public transportation, during travel training, students practice listening and communication abilities. They must use decision making skills, follow directions, respect people in a public environment, demonstrate positive attitude towards self and others, and display personal self-management skills. Throughout the […]

  • FOX61 Student News: 21st Century ideas

    Story by Erin Cromwell  and Alessia Cawley, Wilton High School Teaching 21st century skills has become essential in education. In order to prepare us for the future, educators work hard to brainstorm the skills and content needed. Wilton High school has been teaching Video Production Class for the last several years. However, this year the class has taken a new role. The class focuses on teaching students the essential skills needed in life no matter what career path they choose. Ms. […]

  • FOX61 Student News: The All-American High School Film Festival brings student filmmakers together

    Story by Henry James/Shepaug Valley High School The All-American High School Film Festival is the top destination for talented high school filmmakers where there is a goal to connect the filmmakers of the future with the rewards, respect, and recognition they deserve. At the event, students from all around the world gather at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn NY, to attend the IMAX red carpet and the Teen Indie Awards. So what makes an event like this so impactful and important? […]

  • FOX61 Student News: Americana music rocks the hills at the Black Bear Americana Music Festival

    Story by Harlequin Sullivan & Ella Penna, Shepaug Valley High School The Black Bear Americana Music Festival is an annual americana fest. It has a great family vibe and many friendly people. It has some great food, vendors, and most of all some Rockin’ Americana music. From western swing, bluegrass, folk, rockabilly, cajun and so much more, this is a great event to enjoy a variety of music. There were many state and regional vendors, Black Bear Americana Music Festival […]

  • The Washington Sculpture Walk incorporates local artists’ work into town’s landscape

    Story by Maya Missana and Soleil Scinto, Shepaug Valley School The Washington Art Association, or WAA, is a non profit organization dedicated to enriching the community within the quaint New England town of Washington, through art. WAA offers a multitude of artistic shows and opportunities, but among the most impactful and influential events is the 2018 WAA Sculpture Walk. Beginning in July, the Sculpture Walk brought over 60 beautiful sculptures to Washington Depot from a multitude of internationally recognized artists as […]

  • One of Connecticut’s oldest farms thrives during the fall season

    Story by Mahelet Steinmetz, Sydell Lecher, Erin Bailey/Shepaug Valley School Maple Bank Farm, located in Roxbury, Connecticut, is one of the nation’s oldest family run farms, and they raise animals and support local businesses. Not only do they provide for the community, they also have a beautiful and welcoming environment. People come from all over to buy locally produced foods and products while supporting their community. The farm has been growing in size and produce since the current owners, Howard […]