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  • Ask the Attorney: Who’s at fault?

    AttyHaymond, I was pulling out of a party when one of the tents was blown in the air by a gust of wind and ended up going thru my windshield causing me to drive off the road and hit a parked vehicle. The owner of the car who I hit filed a claim on me while I’m sitting in the hospital due to no fault of my own this right, if so.. what are my options?. Grace P

  • 10th Annual Pooch Plunge in West Hartford

    WEST HARTFORD – Dogs and their owners took a swim to raise money for a dog park in this year’s 10th Annual Pooch Plunge Monday. The event gives dog owners a chance to say goodbye to summer with their four-legged friends, swimming at the pool at Beachland Park. The president of the West Hartford Dog Park Coalition, Phil Karlin, said a location has been picked for a dog park, but cannot be disclosed to the public yet. Karlin said the group […]

  • August 20 to August 26

    Charles Duque, North American director Cniel , director, the Americas for the French Dairy

  • FOX61 to broadcast first gubernatorial debate of 2018 General Election

    HARTFORD — The Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges announced that it will host the first gubernatorial debate of the Connecticut general election on September 5 from 6-7 p.m. The debate will be held at the University of Saint Joseph’s Hoffman Auditorium at the Bruyette Athenaeum on 1678 Asylum Avenue in West Hartford and will be broadcast live by FOX61 and Connecticut Public Radio from 6-7 p.m. The CCIC sponsored event will be hosted by FOX61’s Amanda Raus and will be moderated […]

  • Report: ‘Concerning’ levels of heavy metals in baby foods

    HARTFORD — Consumer Reports says they’ve analyzed 50 nationally distributed, packaged foods made for babies and toddlers, checking for heavy metals and arsenic. The results? • Every product had measurable levels of at least one of these heavy metals: cadmium, inorganic arsenic, or lead. • About two-thirds (68 percent) had worrisome levels of at least one heavy metal. • Fifteen of the foods would pose potential health risks to a child regularly eating just one serving or less per day. […]

  • August 13 to August 19

    Sunday, August 19 Tax Free Week 2018 Thursday, August 16 The Connection Addiction Services Wednesday, August 15 What is K2 or synthetic marijuana? Tuesday, August 14 Hartford Career Fair, August 28

  • FOX61 Chief Investigator Brian Foley talks with a K2 overdose patient

    NEW HAVEN – By mid-afternoon Friday, the deluge appeared to have stopped.  New Haven did not see any K2 overdoses. In the previous two days, first responders transported overdose victims 114 times.  But the problems on New Haven’s historic Green won’t go away that quickly. A homeless man, who frequents the green, says four to five ambulances a day responding to the green is not unusual. He says thankfully he’s not an addict because he has friends who are. “When […]

  • Three arrested in connection to string of K2 overdoses in New Haven

    NEW HAVEN — Officials have identified two suspects arrested in connection to the recent K2 overdoses this past week. Over 100 K2 (also known as spice, or synthetic marijuana), overdoses were reported. The first man charged in this K2 case was 37-year-old Félix Melendez, of New Haven, who was arrested on a violation of probation charge, after cops found him in possession of K2. “He was not arrested related to the K2 sales on the green, at this time,” said […]

  • Northeast Living: 2018 back to school fashion

    Back to school shopping doesn’t have to break the budget! Northeast Living’s Rachel Lutzker talks with Westfarms fashion expert, Amanda Sirica about the latest fashion trends, and pairing the old with the new to be back to school cool.

  • Over 100 K2 overdoses reported in New Haven; two suspects arrested

    NEW HAVEN —  Day two of a rash of K2 overdoses on or near the New Haven Green meant less of a stress for city resources. Over 100 people, who overdosed after smoking or ingesting the synthetic cannabinoid, had been transported to area hospitals for treatment 72 of those individuals were transported on Wednesday alone. New Haven police say two suspects, believed to have been handing out marijuana type cigarettes, which contained K2, have been arrested and cops say they […]