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Matt Scott joined FOX61 in 2013 and brings over 20 years of broadcasting experience to the FOX61 weather team.

Originally from New York City, Matt attended the University of Maryland and Mississippi State University. He has spent the last 11 years working as a meteorologist in Connecticut, most recently at News 12. In addition he has worked in West Virginia, Mississippi, Charlotte and Boston. His work has been nominated for Emmy Awards many times.

When he’s not on air, he’s online. Matt has won awards in the New Haven Advocate, the Hartford Advocate and New Haven Living magazine for his social media influence.

But his two biggest accomplishments are at home, his two children. When he has a little spare time and is not sleeping, Matt loves to cook, play golf, play poker and read. He would probably be a better chef, a stronger golfer, a smarter poker player and a more accomplished reader if he could pry himself away from Facebook once in a while.

Recent Articles
  • FOX61 Family First: Look before you lock, preventing hot car deaths

    HARTFORD — It’s a story that we cover far too many times, and every time it happens, we collectively scratch our heads, and ask “How does this keep happening”? We’re talking about kids who are injured, or killed, when they are left alone in a hot car. Recently A 4-year-old died and his 2-year-old brother was hospitalized after they were found in a hot car at a West Haven apartment complex. Children’s bodies can heat up much faster than adults, […]

  • Daytrippers: To beer or not to beer in Stratford

    STRATFORD — With all of this hot weather, the Daytrippers mobile went searching for something to cool down with and that’s when we met Bill Shufelt. The financial guy from Stamford said goodbye to hedge funds, and hello to hops and barley-and brewing up the Athletic Brewing Company. Their catch? Non alcoholic beer. “It started with the idea that there’s a total void with the craft beer market, and nothing for non drinkers out there. I was kinda upgrading my […]

  • FOX61 Family First: Preventing childhood drownings

    HARTFORD — Summer’s here, the pool is open, and the beaches are calling your name. But while that may scream #ctbucketlist, it also, for toddlers, can be dangerous. Children are naturally drawn to water without understanding its potential dangers. Countless children drown or suffer permanent injury every year because of avoidable accidents. Drowning is a silent killer than can occur in seconds! Acording to healthychildren.org, most infant drownings occur in bathtubs and buckets. Toddlers between one and four years most commonly […]

  • Daytrippers: Mrs. Bridges Pantry in Woodstock

    WOODSTOCK — If the royal wedding has you longing for a taste of England, we found the perfect place in the quiet town of Woodstock. The ladies of Mrs. Bridges Pantry are anything but quiet when it comes to their love of all things British. Sue Swensen and Pam Spaeth have run the tea room for 10 years. Sue is English, Pam is not. However, they both love royal weddings. They’ll celebrate Saturday morning’s nuptuals by welcoming their locals for a […]

  • Daytrippers: Guilford’s Pinchbeck Farm

    GUILFORD —  Right now, at a small flower shop in Guilford, everyone’s a little stressed cause it’s Mother’s Day. The seeds for Roses for Autism were planted nine years ago,  when the group ‘Ability Beyond’ reopened Guilford’s Pinchbeck Farm with a smaller business, and an agenda. According to Michelle Ouimette, “Roses for Autism is a really sweet story.” In the greenhouse lies the heart of the business, but in the studio, lies the soul. Nine  interns, all with autism and […]

  • FOX61 Family First: How much and at what age should your children start earning an allowance?

    HARTFORD — Money. They say it can’t buy you happiness, but try telling that to a kid. If you’re a parent, and you’re about to embark on the money train known as an allowance, you probably have questions. Like: Why? “If you’re a parent looking to teach, you always have to ask: what are you hoping to do? What are you goals and objectives?”, says Robert Keder, a Developmental Pediatrician at CCMC, “If your goal with allowance is to teach […]

  • Daytrippers: Mystic provides plenty of places to dine

    MYSTIC – What’s not to love about this classic New England coastal town? Every summer the place is packed with hungry visitors – sure , there are the famous spots, like Mystic Pizza, and the many taverns and oyster bars, but what’s new to eat in the SE corner of the state? Starting with a gas station.  It may be a coffee bar by day, wine bar by night, but the former gas station is everywhere, even the pricing panels […]

  • Shake Shack opens in West Hartford

    HARTFORD — Danny Meyer is the man behind Shake Shack, which started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park in NYC back in 2003, and now has restaurants all over the world. The latest Shake Shack opens Friday in Corbins Corner, West Hartford – and he joined us Thursday to talk about the success behind one of the restaurant worlds best known spots, and how eating there can help raise money for the Hole in the Wall Gang […]

  • FOX61 Family First: Yale-New Haven Hospital’s new neonatal wing

    NEW HAVEN — At Yale New Haven Hospital, their new baby is helping new babies. FOX61’s Matt Scott was given an all-access tour of the new neonatal wing, which has been open in New Haven for a few weeks now, and is the first of it’s kind in the United States. The wing is a two floor facility designed to keep new families together as much as possible starting with the first moment of a child’s life. If a newborn […]

  • FOX61 Family First: Getting kids to enjoy going to the dentist

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month and dentists are trying to spread the importance of oral health in kids as much as possible. Dental professionals are seeing one and two-year olds who have dental decay and about 50% of kindergarteners have had a cavity. If you’re a parent, you know that the dentist ranks pretty high on the list of things that can scare a child. But, Lily, who is 6 years old, is not afraid of the dentist. […]