What’s on your Fall #CTBucketList?

Matt Scott joined FOX61 in 2013 and brings over 20 years of broadcasting experience to the FOX61 weather team.

Originally from New York City, Matt attended the University of Maryland and Mississippi State University. He has spent the last 11 years working as a meteorologist in Connecticut, most recently at News 12. In addition he has worked in West Virginia, Mississippi, Charlotte and Boston. His work has been nominated for Emmy Awards many times.

When he’s not on air, he’s online. Matt has won awards in the New Haven Advocate, the Hartford Advocate and New Haven Living magazine for his social media influence.

But his two biggest accomplishments are at home, his two children. When he has a little spare time and is not sleeping, Matt loves to cook, play golf, play poker and read. He would probably be a better chef, a stronger golfer, a smarter poker player and a more accomplished reader if he could pry himself away from Facebook once in a while.

Recent Articles
  • No dream is left unturned at the Giggling Pig

    SHELTON — In WorkinCT, we have a pig. But it’s no ordinary pig, This one does so much for kids. It teaches them a little respect, a lot of creativity, and even some business sense. ‘The Giggling Pig’ is more than just any old art studio where kids and grownups can start their own gallery. Here, owner Hannah Perry and her team teach a lot about self-esteem and confidence, by showing kids that the characters they create can do so […]

  • Daytrippers: Seaquest in Trumbull

    TRUMBULL — In this week’s Daytrippers, we’re off to the mall! The Westfield Trumbull Mall is home to back to school shoppers and also some pretty nifty wildlife. Sloths, pythons, iguanas — these worldly creatures have taken up residence at Seaquest! Wait, you can put a zoo in a mall? Yes! Seaquest is easily accessible at the Westfield Trumbull Mall, and hosts over 1,000 animals from around the world. You can learn about the animals through interactive exhibits like hand-feeding […]

  • WorkinCT: Hummel Bros in New Haven

    NEW HAVEN — WorkinCT has gone to the dogs in New Haven! More specifically – hot dogs! Hummel Bros has been an institution in the Elm City for nearly 90 years. What’s the secret to their long success? Quality of meat is one thing, but the secret also lies in the family they’ve created of workers, many of whom have been there for years and some of which have had children work with them at the Long Wharf factory. Eric […]

  • State Police reminding everyone: School’s starting, kids are on the roads, drive safely!

    With summer winding down, and the school year  starting, your commute is about to change. More than 330,000 Connecticut children are transported to and from school in a school bus every day of the school year.  So when school is in session, drivers should be sure to drive with EXTRA caution. The Connecticut State Police have created a video public service announcement to remind people about the risks of forgetting – or ignoring – the rules of the road around […]

  • Alzheimer’s Disease: How to recognize it, and how to help

    How can you look for clues that someone in your life may be suffering from the onset of dementia? Matt Scott talks with  the Communication Director of the Connecticut chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Kristen Cusato, who gave us some suggestions to separate bouts of forgetfulness from the beginnings of the deadly disease, which has touched her personally. The Alzheimer’s Association will be holding 7 walks all over the state – in an effort to raise money for education and […]

  • WorkinCT: The Place in Guilford

    GUILFORD — At “The Place”, they are cooking outside, people sit on stumps, and some people even bring their own food. This place has been a shoreline institution for almost 50 years. You’ll find “The Place” on Route 1 in Guilford. You’ll see a sign, and right underneath that sign is another that says “An Unusual Restaurant”. There are no walls, no ceilings — just a grill, tables, and stumps. Typically, bringing your own food to a restaurant is a […]

  • Foodie Friday: Guilford Mooring in Guilford

    GUILFORD — Foodie Friday took a trip to the Connecticut shoreline! There are seafood plates and steaks galore at Guilford Mooring, all served with a side of creativity and TLC. Chef Anthony Pelligrini serves his own take on those classic New England dishes with not only a personal touch but also with locally grown vegetables and fruits when he can! Seafood arrives fresh off the boat and onto the plates as fast as possible making “fresh” the name of the […]

  • This hurricane season will be near normal, NOAA forecasts

    The coming Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be near normal, with nine to 15 named storms, including four to eight hurricanes, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, announced Thursday. Two to four of those hurricanes are expected to grow to Category 3 or stronger, NOAA said of the season, which officially begins June 1. Those storms carry winds greater than 110 mph. The forecast follows last year’s above-average season, in which hurricanes Florence and Michael slammed US […]

  • Visit a dream home in Westport

    WESTPORT  — Real estate. In Connecticut. It can be expensive. Really expensive. But if you want to have the best – you have to be prepared to pony up. And on the gold coast, lower Fairfield County – you’ll need a lot of gold. Welcome to the home of your dreams, in Westport, where on the water, you’ll find this pristine estate. Leslie Clarke is giving us a tour. “This home has 8 bedrooms, 8 full baths  –  From every […]

  • Daytrippers: City Seed Farmer Market

    NEW HAVEN — This is a story about community. Look around and you’ll see two types of community – creating one. For this week’s Daytrippers – we visit the City Seed Farmer Market. Every Saturday this tucked away street in New Haven’s famous Wooster Square district is taken over by two different communities. One, a community of farmers. But also, after 15 years, the market is full of fans. And that’s the other community. The people, supporting and recognizing the […]

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