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Stan Simpson is an award-winning multi-media journalist. He is also an education advocate and strategic communicator. He hosts The Stan Simpson Show every Saturday morning on FOX61.

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  • The Stan Simpson Show — Facebook’s getting complicated

    Facebook’s status is getting “complicated.” The tech giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now proposing government regulations for his own company; HUD is suing FB,  alleging housing discrimination; and FB is floating the idea about an all-news platform, in which it will pay publishers for content. Guest:  Adam Chiara, Asst. Prof., Communications; UHart “Like” the Stan Simpson Show on Facebook, and follow Stan on Twitter.

  • The Stan Simpson Show — Chef Jay Lewis

    Windsor chef Jay Lewis now has his signature potato salad – Baby J’s potato salad – on grocery store shelves at Geissler’s. Soon, the chef’s signature spice – Errrr-Thang spice – will be on those shelves Guest: Chef Jay Lewis “Like” the Stan Simpson Show on Facebook, and follow Stan on Twitter.

  • The Stan Simpson Show — Dads of autistic kids share trials and triumphs

    Dads of Autistic children share their trials and triumphs of raising a child with special needs. (April is national Autism Awareness Month) Guests: Randy Ewart; Alex Borre 

  • The Stan Simpson Show: What’s next for UConn’s Men’s Basketball

    Will it get worse before it gets better for the UConn mens basketball team?  Hartford Courant sports writer Dom Amore, who covers the team, gives his recap of this dismal season and outlook for 2019-20 Guest: Dom Amore; Hartford Courant sports writer

  • The Stan Simpson Show: “My First Tie”

    Brandon Frame and Tanae Denean Eskridge collaborate on a children’s’ book entitled “My First Tie” — an engaging story of a young boy sharing his experience learning how to tie his very first tie… and the important lessons he learns about honesty and telling the truth.

  • The Stan Simpson Show —  College admissions scandal

    It could be the largest scandal ever regarding college admissions. Dozens of rich parents across the country have been bribing test proctors, college administrators and college coaches to get their children into a preferred college. So far, 50 people have been indicted. Millions of dollars have been expended by parents to guarantee their children’s admission. We’ll talk about the relevance of this emerging scandal – and how pervasive it may be – with Floyd Bagwell,  a retired administrator from Easter […]

  • The Stan Simpson Show — African American studies

    Bloomfield State Rep. Bobby Gibson  is proposing a law to mandate African American studies into the curriculum of CT’s classrooms. He’ll tell us why that is relevant to a getting a quality education. “Like” the Stan Simpson Show on Facebook, and follow Stan on Twitter.

  • The Stan Simpson Show —  Lowering your energy bills

    E-conservation expert Leticia Colon de Mejias has quick tips on how to lower your energy bills.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: UConn Women

    Today we’re talking about the UConn Women’s basketball team. Ranked number two  in the country, the Huskies have their sights set on a 12th National Championship. The Hartford Courant’s Kelli Stacy will give her insight on whether this year’s team is ready for yet-another March run. “Like” the Stan Simpson Show on Facebook, and follow Stan on Twitter.

  • The Stan Simpson Show: Hartford’s Billion Dollar Man

    Jay Williams is in his second year as President of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. He oversees a portfolio of approximately $1 billion in community investments, including granting more than $30 million annually. Williams has worked in The White House under former President Barack Obama, and he is a former mayor of Youngstown, Ohio. We’ll talk about his transition to the Nutmeg State, and his vision for empowering the 29 communities his organization serves. “Like” the Stan Simpson Show […]

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