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Tim Lammers is an anchor for the FOX61 Morning News Monday-Friday mornings from 4-10 a.m.

A native of South Windsor, Tim came to FOX61 in 2002 as a Sports Producer and never left. Since then, he has filled the roles of Anchor, Reporter, Producer and Videographer in the Sports Department, as well as being a News Feature and Health Reporter.

Tim’s main beat in the Sports Department was following the UConn Football program’s rise to national respectability, including the school’s first-ever BCS Bowl berth in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. He also covered the UConn Men’s Basketball team’s third National Championship at the 2012 Final Four in Houston, TX.

As a health reporter, Tim turned the camera around to do a Emmy-nominated story about his own challenge of finding a treatment for Avascular Necrosis, a rare degenerative bone disease he has. The story culminated in Tim going under the knife, on camera, to receive a cutting-edge stem cell transplant using his own bone marrow. Since then, he has received a constant response from the story, as people all over the world have contacted him to find out more about the procedure and the disease.

Tim lives with his wife, Kerri, whom he met while they were co-workers at FOX61, and his step-son Alex. Tim and Kerri married in 2016.

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    If you’re having trouble staying away from sweets for the last 61 days of the year, as part of the New England 61-Day Challenge, perhaps try a glass of a water. “Keeping hydrated is a great way to decrease our hunger and appetite for snacks that we might not need at that time of day,” said Dr. Jeff Brown of the CT Sports Institute at Saint Francis. Keep that in mind the next time you have a mid-afternoon lull. Now, […]

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    An Arizona company is treating patients in the comfort of their own homes, when they would otherwise have to go to a hospital’s emergency department. The company, Dispatch Health, uses three mobile treatment centers that can treat patients as young as three months old for a variety of ailments – everything from treating the flu to providing x-rays. Perhaps its most important innovation is moving the triage process outside of the hospital, thus conserving resources. “We have our own proprietary […]

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    For many people who are trying to swear off soda, sweets and cigarettes for the New England 61 Day Challenge, the cigarettes will be the hardest of the three to either cut down on or cut out entirely. However, that challenge is a good way to illustrate that the point of this challenge is to do whatever you can, and if that means cutting down as opposed to quitting entirely, that’s fine. “I think less is always better,” said Dr. […]

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    Many people who took the New England 61-day challenge pledge to avoid soda, sweets and cigarettes for the last 61 days of the year also made a plan to lose weight. We’re guessing more than a few of those people ate a bunch of food on Thanksgiving – but that’s probably okay! Erin Ballou, a Health Promotion Coordinator at Saint Francis Hospital, said having a cheat day isn’t a terrible thing, although there are a couple “buts” to that statement. […]

  • Making Santa visits easier for kids with autism

    So many people love the sights and sounds of Christmas, but for kids on the Autism spectrum, those same sights and sounds can get in the way and be overwhelming, especially for kids who want to visit Santa. The Park West Mall in Peoria, Arizona is trying to accommodate those children by creating a sensory-quiet experience that still allows them to meet Santa. “We try to create a winter wonderland for all the kids in the community and so they […]

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    The New England 61 Day Challenge is about challenging yourself to cut out soda, sweets and cigarettes as best you can for the last 61 days of the year, which is November and December. Those also happen to be the two months when people tend to gain weight that never comes off. Of course, Thanksgiving doesn’t help, but with a little advanced planning, you can still feast, and even leave room for dessert, without going crazy. “It could be making […]

  • Drug-resistant bacteria blamed on overuse, underuse of antibiotics

    HARTFORD — A new report from the World Health Organization came to a paradoxical, but nonetheless worrying conclusion about antibiotic use world-wide: A rise in multi-drug-resistant bacteria can be traced to both some countries over-using antibiotics, AND some countries under-using them. The report looked at antibiotic use in 65 countries, and found widely varying rates of usage. Mongolia topped the list with 64 defined daily doses per 1,000 people. For reference, Europe averaged 18. Burundi had the lowest rate, at […]

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    HARTFORD — No soda, no sweets, and no cigarettes. Are you willing to challenge yourself to be healthier through the last 61 days of the year? If so, click here! Over a thousand people already have. FOX61 has teamed up with Trinity Health Of New England to present the New England 61 Day Challenge, a community health initiative designed to keep us on track to better health throughout the most challenging two months of the years to stay healthy. The […]

  • Health Watch: Blood pressure readings

    HARTFORD — Measuring blood pressure is one of the most common procedures performed at doctors’ offices every day, but according to the American Heart Association, it’s also one of the most common procedures to get wrong, both when done at home and in a doctor’s office. “A patient may be stressed running from the parking lot to the clinic, they get roomed right away, and when they get their blood pressure measured, they haven’t been sitting quietly and that can […]

  • New England 61 Day Challenge: Get sugar in a healthier way

    HARTFORD — The New England 61-Day Challenge is a call out to cut out, or at the very least reduce, your consumption of soda, sweets and cigarettes for the last two months of the year, a span of 61 days. Day one is November 1 – the day after Halloween. It’s perhaps the single hardest day of the year to lay off of candy, but that’s what makes it an excellent day to start! Here is some good news, though: […]