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Tim Lammers is an anchor for the FOX61 Morning News Monday-Friday mornings from 4-10 a.m.

A native of South Windsor, Tim came to FOX61 in 2002 as a Sports Producer and never left. Since then, he has filled the roles of Anchor, Reporter, Producer and Videographer in the Sports Department, as well as being a News Feature and Health Reporter.

Tim’s main beat in the Sports Department was following the UConn Football program’s rise to national respectability, including the school’s first-ever BCS Bowl berth in the 2011 Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, AZ. He also covered the UConn Men’s Basketball team’s third National Championship at the 2012 Final Four in Houston, TX.

As a health reporter, Tim turned the camera around to do a Emmy-nominated story about his own challenge of finding a treatment for Avascular Necrosis, a rare degenerative bone disease he has. The story culminated in Tim going under the knife, on camera, to receive a cutting-edge stem cell transplant using his own bone marrow. Since then, he has received a constant response from the story, as people all over the world have contacted him to find out more about the procedure and the disease.

Tim lives with his wife, Kerri, whom he met while they were co-workers at FOX61, and his step-son Alex. Tim and Kerri married in 2016.

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