Students vote to make UConn a sanctuary campus safe for undocumented immigrants

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STORRS–The students have spoken.

On Thursday, the UConn undergraduate Student Government overwhelmingly voted in favor of making UConn a sanctuary campus. The body’s Senate, one of three branches, voted 35-6 in favor of the motion, with one abstention.

Hundreds of students attended a protest the day after the election to protest Donald Trump, and the primary topic of discussion was immigration. Many of those same faces came out to the Student Government meeting to watch the vote on Thursday.

Student Government President Dan Byrd co-authored the bill, and says the next step is gaining more student support and meeting with administrators, according to the Daily Campus, the school’s student newspaper.

A sanctuary campus, like a sanctuary city, makes it so that police officers and immigration agents cannot arrest a person or question them solely based on their undocumented status; there needs to be another primary offense committed before the topic can be breached.

New Haven is one of dozens of sanctuary cities nationwide, and Yale University students this week held a rally in favor of making their campus a sanctuary campus as well.