2 get probation in 2015 East Hartford crash that killed boy

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HARTFORD — Two drivers have each been sentenced to a year of probation stemming from an April 2015 crash that left an 8-year-old East Hartford boy dead.

The Hartford Courant reports 32-year-old Hawa Pabai pleaded no contest on Monday to evading responsibility. Twenty-five-year-old Joel Oviedo-Garcia pleaded guilty to negligent homicide with a motor vehicle.

Pabai was driving in East Hartford when a ball rolled into the road. She told police she stopped because she thought a child would follow it.

Oviedo-Garcia’s car crashed into the back of Pabai’s SUV. The SUV was sent onto the sidewalk and ran over Carlos Hernandez Jr., who died of his injuries.

Pabai left the SUV and ran away.

Pabai and Oviedo-Garcia have apologized. The judge also sentenced each to complete 50 hours of community service.