Mayor Bronin makes heated appearance on Tucker Carlson

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HARTFORD --  Hartford Mayor, Luke Bronin, appeared on FOX News' 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss Hartford's sanctuary city policy.

Carslon, who stated he used to live in the city of Hartford, asked Bronin 'How many crimes in the past year or two have been committed by illegal immigrants in Hartford?'.

Bronin told Carlson, he asked his police chief for those specific numbers, who told him "virtually none" of the crimes in Hartford have been committed by illegal immigrants. Bronin said, while tackling Hartford's financial issue head on, he is making sure the money being spent is spent wisely, which means prioritizing law enforcement efforts to people who pose a risk.

In a fiery exchange, Carlson asked Bronin about Oscar Obedio Hernandez, who was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford, CT on Nov. 27, 2013. Hernandez, who was allowed back into the country, is being accused of killing his girlfriend and sparking an Amber Alert when he took off with their 6-year-old daughter on February 24.

"You're proving my point exactly," said Bronin. "That is exactly the person you want to prioritize. State, local and federal officials working to prioritize people who have records of violent crimes. That person has a record of violent crimes. That individual was deported under the Obama administration. That's exactly where our cops are going to work hand in hand with the FEDS to get that person out of here."

Bronin said he respects the Hartford police chief's judgment on deportation enforcement and said the city's police force believes immigration enforcement would stretch their resources.