Leaders discuss dog ownership rules a day after pit bull attack in New Haven

NEW HAVEN --  A FOX61 follow-up following a vicious dog attack that critically injured a 78-year-old woman Tuesday.

Remarks from city'a aldermen and even Mayor Toni Harp suggests a change in the city's dog licensing policy could come in the near future. City leaders are looking to pass legislation banning the cross breeding of dogs.

"It's horrific, it's horrifying," said New Haven Alderman, Brian Wingate. "I think if you put your ordinance that can hold the dog owner accountable, I think some things will change."

The ordinance would also give more power to the city's animal shelter to administer fines to dog owners. The move is supported by the mayor and several aldermans. However some dog owners tell FOX61 they feel the law would be an overreach.

As for the woman who was attacked, she is still in the hospital recovering.