Car crashes into house in West Haven, residents not surprised

WEST HAVEN --  A West Haven home was rocked early Thursday night when a car came barreling into it.

Residents of South Street said they are surprised an accident like this didn't happen sooner and speeding was the cause of the accident. One of them got hit by the other catapulting it right through hedges and into the house.

Donna Mueller, who said she grew up in the house that the car crashed into, was startled as she looked at the home Friday morning.

"I can't believe it," she said emotionally.

Neighbors said the car hit the house right near where a father was holding his two-month-old inside. Three males, in the late teens, were hospitalized.

"Part of the house inside is down in the cellar," said Roy Pimer, who lives across the street from the accident scene.

He heard the crash.

"I ran over to help because there was a little fire," he said. "We got it out first and we had to pull one guy out of the car. We had to break a window to get in."

The neighborhood feared this day would come.

"I drive for a living," Pimer added. "I used to drag race. I can pretty well guess I've seen cars over 100 miles an hour on this road."

The Mayor says he's aware of the trouble spot.

"South St. has always been a cut through from Jones Hill Road to Ocean Avenue," said Mayor Ed O'Brien (D-West Haven).

And he's with the residents.

Speed humps are the way we would like to go," said O'Brien, who is running for reelection. "We have been talking with the traffic department. You know, our finance department because there is a cost to that."

Police said arrests are possible as the investigation continues. O'Brien added that all involved in the accident are going to recover.