Water main breaks causing a statewide issue

HARTFORD — Paradigm Properties, the owners of City Place I at 185 Asylum Street, said Tuesday night that the building and garage will be closed Wednesday for needed repairs to a leak in a city water main located on Pearl Street.

The building is one of the tallest in Connecticut and consists of hundreds of offices which can potentially affect thousands of people and their jobs.

“We’re disappointed that our clients will be impacted by this weather-related incident. We have been communicating with our clients throughout the day to relay the MDC updates on the situation so they could plan for a potential building closure on Wednesday,” said Cindy Huveldt, Regional Manager, Paradigm Properties, LLC.

City Place I plan on reopening for Thursday.

There was another water main break that also took place in Downtown Hartford Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Hicks and Ann Uccello Street. Only the AT&T building was affected and luckily, that break was repaired in two hours.

Over in West Hartford, there was a larger impact. Students at Webster Hill Elementary School got an early dismissal because of a break. Officials said 31 properties were affected including the school.

Berlin was added onto the list of many caused by extremely cold weather. The town faced their second break on Robindale Drive early Tuesday morning.

Crews were also busy on the shoreline on Linden Street in Milford where the neighborhood was covered in a glaze of ice from water that previously leaked from the break.

“I noticed water flowing down the street and I went out this afternoon and that’s when we didn’t have water,” said Milford resident, George Smith.

Only a few homes in the area were impacted and two of them were Smith and Robert Daley who said they had to improvise in order to cook their dinners.

“Well, we’re cooking lobster tonight and we have water bottles. We steam them so it doesn’t take much,” added Smith.

“We were going to cook hot dogs and we’re going to have to do it with the oven but we can wait. It’s no big deal,” said Daley.

Officials said the ground is freezing and moving which can cause pipes to break especially those installed many years ago. With the temperatures below freezing for the past week, people in Connecticut said they are just dealing with it until it passes.