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Easton EMT facing multiple charges in Connecticut, Massachusetts

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EASTON - A volunteer EMT has been arrested for voyeurism related to patient transports.

Easton police said Christopher Barlow, 21, who is a former Sacred Heart University student, is facing numerous charges in both Connecticut and his native Duxbury, Massachusetts.

On a tip from the Easton Volunteer Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Barlow became their sole focus.

Last June, members of the Easton EMS were moving medical supplies when they discovered a gun case and a powder inside one of the cabinets.

"It was stuff that could be used to make explosives," said Sgt. Jon Arnold, of the Easton Police Department. "But, it was not all the materials to make explosives. So, that concerned us."

Police said surveillance video, inside the Easton MS building, showed Christopher Barlow who was a volunteer EMT at the time, going in and out of that cabinet. And, with Barlow already back in Massachusetts for the summer, police there were notified.

"They found firearms," said Arnold. Tow of the guns were allegedly stolen from co-workers at Easton EMT. Also discovered in his parents home: more of that powder that could be used to make explosives. Plus, they discovered hard drives and cellphones containing videos and images from Easton.

He had placed cameras around our (EMS) building," said Arnold. The videos were recorded in a bathroom.

Barlow also stands accused of photographing two separate patients, while in ambulances, without their consent.

"You call for an ambulance and you feel you should be safe," said Kate Gleason of neighboring Redding. "You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s going on other than they're helping you."

The Duxbury, MA Police Department also accused Barlow of falsely claiming to be a Department of Homeland Security agent and amassing a collection of guns, ammunition, explosives and stolen medical equipment, based on an initial complaint from the Easton EMS and police department.

He was indicted in October on six counts of receiving stolen property, four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm or ammunition and one count each of impersonating a police officer, possession of an incendiary device and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Barlow had been held without bail until his release on February 16, 2018.

Barlow allegedly stole handheld radios, a defibrillator and bags full of medical supplies from Easton EMS.

He was arrested Wednesday by Easton Police Department.

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