Southington police receive 10 reports of car break-ins over the weekend

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SOUTHINGTON -- Southington Police say they received 10 reports of car break-ins just this past weekend including one attempt that was captured on video.

Police said  two additional reports of stolen vehicles happened over the same amount of time.

Video from Michael Cavallaro showed someone trying to enter a Ford Fusion.

Police say these incidents happened at the southwest portion of town.

They're crimes that have been happening all over the state in recent months. but officers say there are simple things you can do to prevent a crime like this from happening.

"Lock your car, remove your valuables and take your keys," says Captain Christopher McKee of the Suffield Police Department.

Captain McKee says several of the car break-ins happen when vehicle owners leave the keys to their cars inside the vehicle.

Police say another tip to prevent your car from being stolen is to advertise your alarm system. Place a sticker highlighting your security system in a visible section of your car.

Police around the state have been investigating car break ins and thefts. In Fairfield county, there have been two incidents this month in which juveniles stole cars with keys inside and engaged police in chases that resulted in the stolen car crashing. A Hartford teen faces manslaughter charges in connection with the death of a woman who was hit by a stolen car. Three men were arrested after a stolen car was involved in a chase in Southbury.

In July, a stolen car recovery operation by Hartford Police resulted in the return of 16 motor vehicles recovered. Eleven of them were stolen with the keys inside.

Law enforcement also want you to contact your local police department if you ever notice any suspicious vehicle or person in your neighborhood.